Friday, February 4, 2011

This is what's up...

I've always told myself that my life isn't unusual or crazy enough for the blog world....My friends tell me otherwise so I'm going to have a go at blogging.

10 things you should know about me (in this order);
1- I have crazy hair and know how to rock it
2- I have big hands and know how to work them (knitting, renovating, gardening etc...)
3- If you thought something dirty when reading #2 then we should have coffee together
4- Listening to CBC podcasts and cycling are amongst my favourite things to do (I also like long walks by the beach at sunset ;)
5- Will gladly go out with, have a conversation with and do odd things with people I've never met
6- I'm a lesbian who effectively pushes away any other lesbian that I'm mildly interested in....hence 4 years of singledom
7- I bought a house so that I could host larger dinner parties
8- My dancing is horrible but I insist on doing it in public AT LEAST 3 times a month.
9- To me, life is about messing up and then laughing about it
10- My writing skills are nothing to brag about....

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  1. Love it! This is off topic I guess but this is stirring some controversy apparently. (I'm not sure why)