Saturday, February 12, 2011

I've only ever rocked three hairdos in my life...

It started off as a ponytail. I'm the second youngest of six (or seven) kids, I'm quiet and shy, I have reddish (auburn) straight hair that's kept in a tidy ponytail until age 11. My sisters often try to convince me to switch it up by forcing me to sit still while they pull and tug at my hair to make 'french braids' and turn me off of femininity forever. Okay, so because of the sisters it's occasionally a little different but 98% of the time I  have a ponytail that my dad loves because he hates it when "tes cheveux sont dans ton visage!"

Then on picture day in grade 6 I submit to the requests of my female classmates and finally 'let my hair down'. Worse idea ever...The grade three teacher in my school, an overweight big breasted loud woman, yells down the hall as I'm walking to my classroom and says "Hey raspberry did you get your hair stuck in a vacuum or something?"lol

As it turns out, picture day in Gr. 6 is so devastating I make a decision to keep my hair in a bun every day until grade 10. The bun and my good grades earns me the nickname of "Professor" lol. I don't have a whole lot to say about the bun years because well...having a turd-looking hair arrangement on your head is bound to make your life boring.

So I'm 15 yrs old, I'm in highschool and everyone seems to have more fun than I do. I decide that the bun is to blame and that it has to go. My mom and I drive to Timmins where I buy expensive conditioner, get a hair cut and let the hair flow.

Now I'm 25 years old and on most days the hair is a bit crazy. It's like it has a multiple personality disorder and you can never really know what your hairdo will bring about. Sometimes it brings forward friends with 'curl-probing' fetishes, or comments like "did you get your hair stuck in a vacuum", or "would it bother you if I hid my joint in your hair".

In a way, I like the crazy mane because life is just so much more exciting when you don't know what's coming; buckwheat, Shirley Temple, Carrot Top, Einstein, or a hybrid of any of the aforementioned do's.

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