Saturday, April 9, 2011

Johomo and the Witnesses - Introduction

Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening lately so I'm going to take you back into the past with my blog series called "Johomo and the Witnesses".

Preaching by day, making out with girls by night was my reality as a Johomo Witness. Why Johomo and the Witnesses? I'll refer to this blog series as "Johomo and the Witnesses" because they (i.e. the JW's) wouldn't like it if I claimed to be a gay JW. It's kind of like how Irshad Manji pisses off muslims by claiming to be a muslim lesbian. Although I like the idea of pissing off the JWs, I'm an atheist and no longer label myself as a JW (i.e. pleasing the family lost it's importance). However, there was a time when I was a Johomo Witness (i.e. a gay JW) and I may mistakenly refer to myself as such during this blog.

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